History of Metropolitan Market

Metropolitan Stores was known as “Brewster’s” for the first few years of the chain’s existence. F.H. Brewster, the founder, lost his first two stores: one before it even opened when the neighboring crockery store (Reid’s) collapsed into it in 1907. The other was lost in the 1911 Dundas street fire only a year or two after operation. Brewster’s new store, which appeared the following year, was designed for the owner Sir George Gibbons by the firm Watt and Blackwell. By 1920 Brewster’s new a chain of 11 stores was renamed Metropolitan and within a decade had almost 60 outlets nation wide. In 1930 the firm expanded into the adjoining 5 storey building which became the chain’s head office. Metropolitan stayed until 1984 at that location, which has since been home to at least 2 other chains.

The Met was formed in 2011 when new building owner contracted creative production and events management company 379 Collective to be the building managers. As an homage to the 1920’s store, a weekend artisans market was formed in the historical space with the purpose to serve the local businesses and artisans that exist in new London, Ontario.

Source: Downtown London: Layers of Time. Baker, Michael. 2000, The City of London and London Regional Art and Historical Musuems.


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  • Where & When

    140 Dundas St. (Between Richmond and Talbot)
    London, ON N6A 1G1

    9:00am – 5:00pm
    12:00pm – 5:00pm
  • What is The Met?

    The Met is a weekend artisans market located in the heart of Downtown London, Ontario. In any thriving city, the arts and culture scene is pushed to the forefront and the local businesses and artisans are supported by the community. The Met is a local destination shopping experience, showcasing the vast array of talent that London and surrounding area has to offer.